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Soccer Year
Runs August 1st through July 31st. Players are rostered for entire year, and then must try out again next summer for the team. Tryouts are held in June for all teams U11-U19.


Mandatory at all times. Attendance records are being kept and are part of the selection process for next year. Playing time will also be based on attendance in part. Players missing weekly training may result in reduced playing time, at the coach's discretion. Coaches cannot coach players who are not present.




If a player misses an event, please ask for any handouts that were distributed at the missed session.

Game Punctuality

It is important to prepare mentally and physically for each match. If all players are not present 45 minutes prior to roll-off or designated time, we cannot begin match preparation in a cohesive way. Players arriving late may not start.

Rain Policy
Every manager will be posting information on their individual team page in regards to team activities. The burden will fall on each family to check for cancellations. Cancellations will be determined not less than two hours prior to training or matches. If in doubt, call so you will not be counted as absent. Note: Nearly all communication in this area will be electronic.

Rainy Days

On wet days, players should pack a change of clothing so they can change after training. If this procedure is followed, team health will be maintained.

Training Uniforms

Players must wear these to training sessions. The coach has the discretion to disallow players to participate in the training session should they not be in their proper attire.

Player Uniform and Equipment

The cost is approximately $300 for the year. The uniform includes two full uniforms (one blue, one red), 2 training jerseys, team bags and a warmup suit.

Game Uniform
Please bring both uniforms to all matches and tournaments. In addition, bring your grey Yankee tee shirt and team sweats/warm ups. The wearing of any gear other than Yankee sweats/warm ups or hoodies is prohibited.

Personal Conduct (All)

There will be no coaching by any parent from the sidelines. We are very serious about this. If you must yell, only positive encouragement - no instruction. We may lose the game but not our dignity. The referees are to be respected no matter how bad the call. Only the coach will talk to the officials. There will be no taunting and no hostile verbal exchanges with other players, parents, or anyone associated with the sport. This program teaches social responsibility.

Website (Incl. Directions)
All activities will be listed on the website including travel directions. If you do not have access, call a family that does.


ODP tryouts will be held in the summer months. All Yankee players are encouraged to tryout. ODP is more important for college admission credentials than high school awards. Soccer players and other athletes typically fall into a special pool with greater consideration for admission to competitive colleges.

Playing Time Policy
A lot of factors are taken into consideration on playing time. These are...

  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • 100% Effort
  • 100% Cooperation
  • Amount of Learning During Training
  • Performance During Games
  • Injuries
  • Team needs

Attendance & Punctuality
If you miss a training session or game in the previous week, you may not start even if you have been starting. If you are late to matches (45 minutes before roll-off) you may not start.

Playing Time in Perspective

We play a 30 game schedule compared to 15-20 games for most teams. Every player will play more minutes in our program than for most other teams; even those that play less on our team. Keepers typically play 50% of a game when there are two keepers on a team.

Competitive Matches
It is a no-win situation for any coach in balancing individual needs and team needs in connection with playing time. Coaches don't determine who plays in Championship / State Cup / Region I play; the players do. However, only eleven may play in championship or cup matches as team needs take priority over player need.